Online Seminar Series

Fifteen seminars over three months in four parts: I – The European Context, II Current Practices in Ireland, III Student Perspectives and IV Visioning the Future for Artistic Doctorates in Ireland. 

Speakers include Paulo de Assis (Orpheus Institute, Ghent), Annette Arlander (University of the Arts, Helsinki), Andrea Braidt (University of Vienna), Gretchen Schiller (University of Grenoble Alpes), Vida Midgelow (Midlesex University), as well as contributions from the Irish Research Council, IMBAS, the Irish forum for Artistic Research and PhD students in Ireland. 

Join us for lively presentations and debate about Artistic Research PhDs and the Irish context in Europe. Register here.

Upcoming Seminars

Part IV Visioning the Future

Next Seminar: Visioning the Future of Artistic Research Doctorates in Ireland

Thursday 1st October, 11am – 12pm. More about this event / Register here.

Archived Seminars

Archived video recordings and short summaries of the previous seminars, as well as links and other resources provided by speakers are available online below. Please click on the links for more information:

Introduction: Envisioning the Future of Artistic Doctorates in Ireland

Part I: The European Context 

Principles of Artistic Research in Performance Doctorates. Guest speaker Annette Arlander

Pedagogies and Strategies of Artistic Doctorates in Film. Guest speaker Andrea Braidt

Artistic Doctorate Frameworks: the French Context. Guest speaker Gretchen Schiller

Looking Forward: Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Movement Practices. Guest speaker Vida Midgelow

Ireland in Europe: Reflections and Resonance

Part II: Current Practices In Ireland 

Supervising Artistic Research PhDs. Guest Speaker: Michaela Glanz

IMBAS: Artistic Research In Ireland

Doctoral Funding: In Conversation With Guest Speakers Dr Eavan O’Brien (Irish Research Council), And Dr Lisa McLoughlin And Dr Fearghus Ó Conchúir (Arts Council)

Artistic Research PhDs: process, experience and ideas

Part III – Student Perspectives

Student Artistic Experiments 1: Music Explorations

Student Artistic Experiments 2: Interdisciplinary practices