Visioning The Future Of Artistic Research Doctorates In Ireland

Online Seminar Series

How might we envision the PhD of the Future? What next for the Artistic Doctorate in Ireland? In this seminar, we discuss these and other questions which seek to bring together multiple strands of thinking and discussion to propose what we might do next to enhance the pedagogies of the Artistic Doctorate in Ireland. 

This event took place on the 1st October 2020

Recording of the seminar

This series of seminars is part of the research project Visioning the Future: Artistic Doctorates in Ireland. Presentations and discussions will be video and audio recorded. Thisdocumentation will be available on the project website and may contribute to the development of Open Educational Resources. 

By participating in this seminar you are giving your approval for audio-visual recording of the sessions, consenting to participate in this research project (anonymously or by providing your name if asking a question), and agreeing to the possibility of quotation/publication of extracts of your participation.