Looking Forward: Artistic Doctorates In Dance And Movement Practices. Guest Speaker Vida Midgelow.

Online Seminar Series

How might we conceive of and devise innovative pedagogies to support artistic research PhD delivery? Enhancing and developing doctoral research in dance, Vida Midgelow, lead of the Erasmus Plus project Artistic Doctorates in Europe, will suggest best practices in supervising and supporting artistic research PhDs with a focus on dance and movement practices. 

This event took place on Tuesday 11th August 2020

Recording Of The Seminar


Vida Midgelow raised many questions around the challenges of pursuing Artistic Doctorates in Dance and Movement. Her presentation focused on findings and recommendations from the Artistic Doctorates in Europe Erasmus+ Project, a three-year partnership between eight organisations – academic and professional – which inspired Visioning the Future. Midgelow particularly addressed the importance of access to doctoral education and bringing visibility to non-normative ways of knowing, potential new paradigms of supervision which adopt practice to explore the research, and how doctoral candidates and institutions might reach communities, amongst other key issues in artistic doctorates in dance and movement. 

Placing the practice at the core of the process, Midgelow asks how is it possible to hold a supervision space which is embodied, focused on the practice, horizontal, and draws from modes of witnessing, experiencing, collaborating and/or devising, rather than adopting the primacy of the written word and critical speech. Could supervision be more of a collective effort model? 

There was also a clear call to action for institutions and artist-researchers to consider how their research might impact their social context more widely, how they might engage with communities, and how artistic research has the potential to address social concerns in innovative ways. For example, involving professional organisations in artistic research dissemination impacts the kinds of exchanges that take place, the language that is used and the ways the practice is shared, not only within an academic context but to wider audiences.

Some of the key issues discussed in the session have been addressed more fully in the ADiE project publications (see below). 


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About Vida Midgelow

Vida Midgelow is a Professor in Dance and Choreographic Practices at Middlesex Universitywww.artisticdoctorates.com

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